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You unlocked this content with owning a special NFT or Token. 

On this page we will guide you through the whole universe of Beast Art.



What makes Beast Art unique?


Proven limitation

Beast Art offers more than just "simple art".

We have invented a unique and new concept to give art back its true value.

Every artwork is homemade by our artist and tamper-proof with proven limitation.

This means every artwork is linked to its digital twin NFT, which makes every artwork truly unique. 


Unique techniques

We use special techniques, using resin and other materials to make each artwork truly unique.



By launching our own strictly limited BEAST-Token, we can provide many great benefits to the true Beasts. These include discounts, early access to artworks, whitelist spots and special insights into the store that no one else can see.


Beast Art secondary market

After the lauch of the Shimmer-mainnet we will open the gates to the "Beast Art secondary market". 

Anyone who buys an artwork and stores it in our warehouse has the right to offer their product (NFT) for sale in our store.


We Offer Artworks in 2 different categories


Beast Art Original

High quality acrylic glass or matt aluminium.

Tamper-proof artworks.

Proven limitation.


Beast Art Premium

High Quality matt aluminium.

Unique technique to make the artwork truly unique.

Really strong limitation.

Proven limitation.

Original Tanglebeast design.


Beast Art first market

You have the opportunity to buy a new artwork for a fixed price.

You have the opportunity to ship or store the artwork.

With the artwork you receive the ownership of the digital twin NFT.


If you choose to ship your artwork we will send it to your address and you will be able to touch the physical artwork.


If you choose to store the artwork we will store it in our warehouse and you will be able to sell it in out Beast Art store. 


Beast Art secondary market