About $BEAST

The Heart of Beast Art

The BEAST Token is the beating heart of Beast Art, offering a wealth of benefits to its holders. Especially for collectors of unique assets, the BEAST Token is an essential Token.

Built on Iota

The IOTA network is known for its lightning-fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions. Thats why Beast Art is operating on its powerful network.

Benefit from $Beast

Enjoy early access to unique assets and events, unlock limited collections and discounts, access special features, Pay with $BEAST and participate in exciting airdrops. With the BEAST Token, your journey through the Beast Art universe is not just transactional, but a pathway to elevated status.

Farm, Stake, Earn

Maximize your financial potential with Beast Token. Stake and farm your Tokens to earn generous dividends on your investment.

Beast Art Connect

Holding $BEAST grants you access to our exclusive social forum, "Beast Art Connect." Here, you can meet friends, share ideas, engage in chats, and much more. Utilizing our smart algorithm, we continuously track user activity to facilitate the distribution and burning of $BEAST tokens at regular intervals.


2.500.000 BEAST-TOKEN

  • Circulation

    115.000 $BEAST


  • Team

    150.000 $BEAST


  • Airdrops

    185.000 $BEAST


  • Beast Art rewards

    450.000 $BEAST


  • Treasure

    600.000 $BEAST


  • Staking, farming, liquidity

    1.000.000 $BEAST


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In this ecosystem, opportunities are awaiting for those ready to explore the world of Beast Art.


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BEAST is now available for Farming!