This roadmap is for illustrative purposes only. Dates and details may vary. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information as it may vary due to different factors.

  • Early access phase of Metamerge, only accessible for BEAST-Token holders.
  • Official listing of the BEAST-Token on Shimmersea, introducing Farming and staking opportunities.βœ…
  • After gathering reviews and a bugfixing phase we will open MetaMerge to the public.
  • Announcing the Beast Art community application.
  • Official listing of the BEAST-Token on Iotabee, introducing Farming and staking opportunities.
  • Announcing the first huge $BEAST airdrop for tanglebeast NFT holders on Soonaverse.
  • Official mint of the first Beast Art phygital NFT collection on the Mainnet, exclusively accessible to BEAST-Token holders.
  • Gathering feedback on the initial minting experience to refine and enhance future minting processes.
  • Bridging the first Tanglebeast Soonaverse NFT collections into Beast Art L2.
  • Introducing the redeem function in order to redeem phygital NFTs for the associated physical assets.
  • Launching the phygital NFT dashboard, offering insights into the stats of the physical assets linked to the NFTs.
  • Bridging Beast Art into IOTA EVM to be able to support both networks, Shimmer and Iota.
  • Welcoming artists from around the world to join Beast Art.
  • Expanding Beast Art's reach by bridging into multiple chains to engage with a broader community of artists (Ethereum, Solana, Binance, etc.).