Beast Art offers a transparent solution to merge the digital and physical world and opens up new possibilities to invest, trade, and enjoy NFTs.

Please note that Beast Art is still in development. Each phygital NFT placed here is just a placeholder and you can not purchase any NFTs yet!

Why Beast Art

  • Linked

    Each product is securely linked with a digital twin NFT

  • Certified

    The digital twin NFT certifies each physical product and its owner

  • Limited

    Each product is available in a strictly limited number

  • Easy

    Beast Art makes the whole process as easy as possible

  • Invest

    Beast Art offers a transparent solution to invest in real world NFTs

  • Trade

    Each product is a real asset which can be traded at the market

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MetaMerge - Lets make NFTs great again!

With MetaMerge as an NFT-fashion brand, we have developed a solution to merge digital NFTs with the physical fashion world.

MetaMerge is a solution for communities that want to offer high-quality 'merchandise' without having the time for it.

We take care of everything, from order to shipping.

What the Beast community says

Cool experience

I just checked the mint of the Test-NFTs and have to say WOW! It's a really smooth performance, nice'n'easy! Up from creating an account down to import NFTs into Metamask everything went very satisfying. Promising project also from artists' point of view.


Great art meets innovation

This review relates to the Beatart-store, with the initial purchase being made on a decentralized platform. In this respect, there was no legally secure connection to the real web shop at the time of purchase and could only be made on the basis of a leap of faith. With this background, I can only say that everyone involved "behind" the Beastart shop is doing a great job. Small but fine - in an ecosystem that trustingly combines great art with innovation. Thank you for everything and please keep it up!!!!


Tanglebeast Art very nice real art to…

Tanglebeast Art very nice real art to touch...high quality materials..Very nice contact and very fast delivery many thanks☀️🦁