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MetaMerge - Lets make NFTs great again!

Digital art meets fashion. We transform your NFTs into exclusive, high-quality apparel, giving your digital treasures real-world value. Each piece is crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your wearable art stands out. Elevate your style and status and showcase your unique digital identity with MetaMerge, the ultimate fusion of technology and fashion.

As simple as it sounds

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Connect your Wallet

Simply choose and connect the wallet of your choice.

Choose your style

Choose your favorite product, color and style.

Choose your NFT

Choose your favorite NFT.


Order and pay with fiat.

Moonshift Produkte

High quality

We offer just high quality products.

Ownership proof

Each product is linked to its NFT with a unique QR-code.


Each product is unique.

Our top choice!

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