About us

About Beast Art

Introducing Beast Art, the innovative NFT marketplace that merges digital art with the real world. With Beast Art, we offer a game-changing solution for artists who create valuable art but lack crypto knowledge. Beast Art handles the entire crypto process, allowing artists to focus solely on their craft. By bridging physical artworks with the blockchain, Beast Art guarantees limited editions, immutability, and tradability, offering a host of advantages to both artists and collectors. Join us as we reshape the art world and promote creativity without limits.


About the Founder

Marvin, both CEO and artist, faced a daunting challenge: how to connect his artworks to the blockchain, ensuring their limited edition status and authenticity. Frustrated by the lack of solutions, he conceived the idea of Beast Art. Through determination and persistence, Marvin rallied a team of developers. Now, this dedicated team is hard at work, pouring their passion into Beast Art, poised to revolutionize the art world.