• The Power of Art

    Beast Art represents an innovative marketplace, aiming to unleash the power of tokenization. Our platform enables a transparent solution to invest in real world assets and opens up new possibilities to invest, trade, and enjoy art.

    Beast Art combines physical artworks from authentified artists with the rovolutionary technology of the Shimmer-network to restore art to its original and authentic value.

    We open up new possibilities for artists and art lovers.

  • Linked

    Each artwork is securely linked with its digital twin NFT.

  • Certified

    The digital twin NFT certifies each physical Artwork and its owner.

  • Limited

    Each artwork is available in a strictly limited number.

  • Invest

    A transparent solution to invest in physical Art.

  • Trade

    Each Artwork is a real asset which can be traded at the market.

  • Network

    The Marketplace is running on a powerful network.

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How does Beast Art work?

Beast Art is the first marketplace with the solution to enjoy "real world NFTs". Every NFT is linked to a real physical product. With Beast Art you are not investing in a JPEG, you are investing in real assets you can touch, feel, see and enjoy. Beast Art is split into 2 categories, first market and secondary market.

First market

    • In the first market you can purchase only new products from multiple artists.
    • Every product is limited. Once it is gone, it is forever. The only way to get a sold out product is on the secondary market.
    • With the ownership of the NFT you have 2 opportunites. We store your product or you get your product shipped.

Secondary market

In cooperation with Akkodis we are working on a transparent solution to trade the digital twin NFTs of each physical product.

    • The Beast Art secondary market will launch after the Shimmer EVM mainnet.
    • Only NFTs currently owned by other members are available in the secondary market.
    • With the NFT you automatically receive the ownership of the physical Artwork.
    • Each NFT has flexible Metadata about the condition of the physical product (stored, not stored / new, used / physical condition).
    • The flexible Metadata makes it possible for you to send us back your physical product. After we approved the conditions of the product the NFT will update to "stored" including its physical condition.
    • A royaltie fee of 10% will be charged for each sale.
    • We will offer royaltie discounts up to 80% in form of a upcoming Beast Art Genesis NFT Collection.
    • BEAST-Token owners will also get a royaltie discount depending on the amount of Tokens.

Solution for Artists

We created a transparent solution to tokenize real world assets with the power of the Shimmer-network.

Our solution in combination with artists arround the world will unleash the true power of art!

  • Solution for artists

    • Fully customizable store-profile in the marketplace.
    • Easy creation of NFT-linked products.
    • Easy creation of collections.
    • NFT/Token based access for members to offer discounts, special products or special assess.
    • Royalties for every sale in the secondary market.
    • Reviews from customers to gain trust.
    • Insights into all the needed statistics.
    • And MOOOOAR
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Beast Art Genesis NFTs


Total of 150 Beast Art Genesis NFTs.


Owners of this NFTs get huge discount on the royalties in the Beast Art secondary market. The standard royaltie without holding an NFT is 10%.


The price for one NFT will be 350 Miota.


3 different rarities:


  • Rarity 15%


  • Rarity 30%


  • Rarity 55%



  • Royaltie discount 80%


  • Royaltie discount 60%


  • Royaltie discount 40%


Saturday 16.09.2023 - 7PM CET on Soonaverse.

About Tanglebeasts

  • The Tanglebeasts are verified artists in the Beast Art Universe!

    The Tanglebeasts are offering their Artworks under the name of Beast Art in 3 different collections.

  • Beast Art Original

    • Printed on high quality acrylic glass and aluminium.
    • Large selection of designs from heart touching to funny.
    • Proven limitation through the digital twin NFT.
    • Early access and discounts for BEAST-Token owners.

    Beast Art Original 
  • Beast Art Premium

    • Printed on high quality aluminium.
    • Created with a unique technique using resin and more materials.
    • Designs made in the original Tanglebeast-style.
    • Really strong limitation
    • Proven limitation through the digital twin NFT.
    • Early access and discounts for BEAST-Token owners.
    Beast Art Premium 
  • Beast Art VIP

    • Special Artworks exclusively available for VIP members.
    • Early access on Beast Art Original and Beast Art Premium Artworks.

    Beast Art VIP 
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Print your NFT

In kooperation with Akkodis we are also working on a special feature exclusively available on Beast Art.

The Shimmer-community will be able to print their Shimmer NFTs from chosen projects on high quality products.

Each product features a QR code that links to its corresponding NFT.

Choose your product, connect your wallet, choose your NFT, order. So simple!

  • Canvas

    High quality:

    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Structure: Slightly textured
    • Weight: 270 gsm
    • Finish: Matte

    Gallery quality:

    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Structure: Strongly textured
    • Weight: 310 gsm
    • Finish: Matte
    Go to Canvas 
  • Hoodies

    • Fairly produced hoodie made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, vegan-friendly.
    • The hood features contrast lining and is made from combed ring-spun organic cotton, pre-washed, with a weight of 300 gsm
    • High-quality DTG (Direct-to-Garment) print.
    • Washable at 30°C, not suitable for tumble drying.
    Go to Hoodies 
  • T-shirts

    • Fairly produced shirt made from 100% organic cotton, vegan-friendly.
    • Single Jersey fabric, made from 100% combed ring-spun organic cotton, pre-washed, with a weight of 150 gsm.
    • High-quality DTG (Direct-to-Garment) print.
    • Washable at 30°C, not suitable for tumble drying.
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About the Artists

Hello, I am Marvin, the creator and artist behind Beast Art.

I am 23 Years old and I live in Germany.

2022 I founded the project "Tanglebeasts" which started as a little fun project. I just wanted to start something with my passion - being creative.

Since I am a little child I was always interested in Art and it was always my dream to create my own Art.

Together with 2 more Teammembers and a bunch of developers we now founded the project "Beast Art" to revolutionize the Art scene like never before.

Let's dive headfirst into uncharted waters together and grow as we go.

If you want to see more about my private lifestyle you can join my Instagram.


Lets grow together

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