Do I need crypto/NFT experience?

The ordering process of the artwork is completely simple and you don’t need any experience with crypto/NFTs. As soon as your order is done the NFT is in your Beast Art account.


Do I need a crypto wallet?

For ordering the artwork there is no wallet needed. As soon as the order is done the NFT will be in your Beast Art account. Just I f you want to mint your NFT you need a wallet.


What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital certificate that confirms unique ownership or proprietorship of a digital asset or file.


Why NFTs?

NFTs offer the possibility to create and track unique digital assets that are associated with physical products. By linking an NFT to a physical product, ownership rights, authenticity, limited editions, and origin can be verified. This allows us, for example, to offer limited editions of our works where owning the NFT grants access to the physical version of the artwork or exclusive content. In this way, NFTs enable the creation of a digital experience and a value system around physical products.